Sunday, November 15, 2009

here's one

What a busy weekend. Bought some used tires, went to the IHOP, went to the Equine Affaire...I think the extra E is supposed to be there. That was a crazy thing, all those horses. What terrible creatures all carrying emotional and physical burdens. Also horse people are awful for the most part. But there was a great trick horse that made it quite worth the drive to the Expo. Also a girl on a pony made me cry. Here's how: we're at some kind of trick-horse world's fair hippodrome event called the Pfizer Pfantasia (a real Pfizer Pfantasia--no pills) and they roll out this therapy horse set. All these little kids in pajamas with various developmental issues come out to the arena and lay in beds, then this music plays and an announcer talks about how important therapy horses are to kids. Then Gordon Lightfoot's Pony Man starts playing and a bunch of people lead in horses. The kids all get on and ride around in various patterns and even though Lightfoot on his own can draw tears, I manage to keep it together. Then they all line up and some lady interviews each kid before he or she rides the horse off stage (the horse still being led by helper-people). She asks each one what riding the horse means to them, and they all give great endearing answers--especially the one kid that grabs the mic from her and goes on about random thoughts until she can steal the mic back from him. One girl says she feels beautiful when she's on the horse, and that's pretty much it for me...but then they get to the last, littlest girl and she's on the smallest pony in the world. "And this is Lynn [Or something...], and you're usually very shy aren't you?" "Yeah" "But are you shy on the horse" "no" "and what's your favorite thing to do?" "trot" "Well let's cheer her on and see if she can trot off stage" And then the littlest girl trots off stage on the smallest pony and my heart melts into uncharted emotional waters.
But here's a song about pretentious types:

Thursday, November 12, 2009

post 20

I spend every lunch break playing the ukulele, working on melodies. Then when I sit down to record a song I inevitably play an arbitrary riff that turns into an uninteresting recording. This is one of those times.
The song is of course about hating the time I spend at work and wishing I could be doing something more personally constructive. It sure would be nice to be paid to be personally constructive. Like an AI developer. Who's really into his or her profession.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Song, Christmas.

Today I bought a new microphone for pretty cheap. I also started using my newly acquired accordion, so today had some potential. This is a pretty simple song, but I think the accordion really makes it. I also stole the title from Tom Petty and the music from various Paul Simon songs. Background vocals and drums would be nice, but this is an okay start:

Oh and is anyone interested in recording some christmas stuff? It's christmas album season and we've gotta deck those halls.

Here's another song. I might have stole the melody from...a Mark Knopfler song called "next time I'm in town" but there's probably a lot of songs that sound like this. I used almost the same exact riff as the last song, but thought I'd make a nice song out of it. Although I'm not sure which song is more uplifting.

I stole my brother's accordion so the next song I do will be even more important, culturally.

I don't get much time to record songs, so when I get a solid hour or two I like to make the most of it. The toughest part is trying to figure out what to sing about. I usually have two or three melodies wanting lyrics by the time I sit down to record, and I just have to sing whatever seems interesting or fun. I'm really lacking in lyric inspiration lately, so I reverted to my method of using a crossword clue for a song title. Today's crossword clue was: "Orchard Nightmare". Having grown up on an apple orchard, I thought the song title could be pertinent to my life. What exactly would an orchard nightmare be? Blight? A poorly-timed hail? A rainy pollination month? So many possibilities. Too bad I took it so fancifully. A song about a rainy pollination month would be pretty important, culturally.