Sunday, July 15, 2012

Motorcycle gangs are still around

This is the best song about motorcycles since Daniel Johnston

Here's the lyrics to sing along.  And the chords to play along.  Oh, and try to ignore that one string that sounds like it's out of tune.  It's not.  And also my singing being out of tune.  That's not out of tune either.

It kind of feels like a bad cross between I Can See for Miles and Susan on the West Coast Waiting
Chorus C g7 C; C F G7; C g7 C; F G7 C (or something like that)

Verse  F d7 G am7 d7; F d7 G Bbdim7 g7

Motorcycle gangFollow me down the highwayMotorcycle gangWhere are you going today?
I predict you're going to the mallSpencer's giftsGetting some risqué merch to embarrassYour brother's kids.
After that you'll regroup with a songMellifluousI'm sure it's nice, but why bike when you could justCharter a bus
Motorcycle gangWhere every guy has an old ladyMotorcycle gangExcept when you're at a truck stop
Motorcycle gangI only know what I'm told I'm not judgingMotorcycle gangI wonder how many have guns
I predict that one out of threeAre packin heatAnd maybe one out of five have knife bootsOn their feet
Maybe they are heading to a concertJudas priestOr maybe to the local musicalI bet it's grease
But motorcycle girlI know we have nothing in commonYou'll bike around the worldSo I know it could never work out
Motorcycle girlYour tattoos are siouxsie sue worthyIf I had tattoosThey'd be guides for emergency surgeries
Motorcycle gangWhen you rev is it communicationDo you speak in revs?Cause I think that would be real cool.
Motorcycle gangDo you pick up the ladies by revving?Motorcycle gangAre you trying to pick up me?
If so,  I'm flattered,I'd ride in your side carWhat do you think,Can you drink in a side car?Probably not,But if so I'm your guy,Just don't go over twentyCause I don't want to die.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Payday Loans

In response to that guy who commented on the last song. My next song will be called "kettleholes and drumlins" but that's all I know about it so far.  Maybe it will be all about things having to do with glaciers.  "kettleholes and drumlins" sounds like it'd be pretty percussive.  Maybe it will be a drums-only song.  Drums and cat meows.  And a whole lot of reverb.  Now that I check, that payday loan comment disappeared.  That makes this make less sense.  I guess it's still mildly relevant in a general sort of way.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Here's another thirty-minute song.  I'm all about writing songs in thirty minutes these days.  Any song that takes longer, it seems, is too personal to eject into the cybersphere's abyss.