Monday, April 12, 2010


I got a melodica for my birthday, but haven't used it to record till now. For some reason the instrument really charms the cat and she meows and jumps at me when I play it. I pretend that I am charming her and that she is not just doing her very best to make me stop.
This was a fun song and I thought it came out okay. The chords are G Bmin Emin7 G/d C D7 or something like that for the verses and the little bridge part is C G G/f# Em C D D7 or something.

Here is a much worse song that involves distortion, simple chord progressions, bass jams, singing about what I'm thinking (mostly nothing) and being not nearly as good as all that sounds.

Actually the only reason why I include it is that I like whatever diminished chord I threw in--with the treble-y strings and harmonica it gives a cool carousel effect. Otherwise this might be the bottom of the barrel.