Monday, October 13, 2014

Halloween Song

Here's my annual halloween song.  I guess I didn't put my last one on this "blog"; nor have I put anything on this site for a while.  It's all on youtube somewhere.  But this one is here.  Here's some lyrics.

When you’re running and escaping something worse
Than the madman that possessed you with a curse
And the laugher and the shrieks are interspersed
Though you’re quite distressed, you hum a verse
You’re dealing with
Unspeakable but singable evil
A magical malaria that lends itself to arias
Unspeakable but singable evil
It’s demented, best presented in a song.
When a monster tries to grab you by the arm,
And you back away wholeheartedly alarmed,
And you’re waylaid by a witch who casts a charm,
And you come up with a riff to later play on your guitar
Unspeakable but singable evil
A fear inducing phantom that makes you sing bel canto
Unspeakable but singable evil
It’s so awful that you want to sing along
When the laughter’s tintinambulated
And you’re worried you’ll be amputated
The horror keeps on marinating
That you’re only left with serenading
Unspeakable but singable evil
You’re afraid that you will lose it so you set it all to music
Unspeakable but singable evil
The tenor of your tremors in a dirge
While you harmonize with fear and disarray
And you modulate your path and run away
When cut time isn’t only how you play
The melodies and maladies are too perverse to say
Unspeakable but singable evil
There’s a really scary fella so you sing it a cappella
Unspeakable but singable evil

You’re so distraught that you forgot the words

Happy halloween. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Done with bar exam

Little drunk, so lots of swears in this one.  Lots and lots.  I don't have anything for dinner at all except peas and moldy food.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bar exam is so soon

But I made this instead of doing anything important.

Fun chords: C#m Adim7 D E A X3; Bm E A; D Dm A A7 Dm D7 E7

But there's all sorts of crazy suspendeds thrown in because I can't play the trombone very well.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Certainly Copyright Infringement

I'm not sure I'd have much of a fair use defense for music-izing this Shel Silverstein poem ("Needles and Pins" from Falling Up), but lots of people seem to be putting his stuff to music lately.

Studying for the bar full time means writing songs part time

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I like buckets of rain and I like sorrow

And since they're so similar, I put the two together.  Over pictures of my mother's cat being ridiculous.